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Reviews/Recommendations of Sweet Trouble

Richard Turner

Sweet Trouble has been performing at this venue an average of 10-12 dates a year for the past three years. They are one of our top acts and though none of the members are local, they have developed a local following here at our facility. They have done this by having a great stage presence, playing a wide variety of only well-known hit songs, and through personalities that connect with an audience both on stage and off. Their sound is superior to most other acts and they play a wide variety of music, have fantastic energy, present well, and relate to the audience in a fun but always appropriate manner.
From the perspective of an entertainment manager, they are a dream! They are always reliable, punctual, and have kept me well informed of all things pertinent to their shows. The common question when seeking a referral of this nature is, "Would you hire them again?" to which I have to answer an absolute YES! As a matter of fact 2017 is the third year I've renewed their contract.
Professional, passionate, loyal, fun, punctual, reliable, are all words that fit when describing this band. I also would be happy to converse by phone if you have any other questions about this group. 

Richard Turner
Entertainment Manager/Indigo Sky Casino
Wyandotte, Oklahoma

ndo Caribbean World


Sweet Trouble, a high energy band, is one of the delights that we experience on South Padre Island in Texas. We are fortunate that a number of talented musicians and bands swing through this resort area and entertain old and young alike, year round. Karen Laughlin and her group Sweet Trouble have made fans in many of the places that they have played. Performing a variety of music from pop, rock, country, the blues, hip hop and more, the band is known for its versatility. They certainly know how to rock! The band comprises Karen, vocalist who also plays harmonica, trumpet, keyboard, bass, flute, drums and various percussion instruments; Andy Heimsoth, guitarist and vocalist; Donnie Ray Stevens, bass guitar; Taci Rooker, keyboard, and JR Carroll, drums. The band plays casinos, clubs, conventions, shows, dances, hotels, resorts, private parties and functions. If you check their website, you can look at their extensive play list and get a taste of their music. Their home base is in Missouri but they are rarely at home. Karen moves and sings; Andy belts out the blues sandwiched with some hard rock; JR Carroll keeps the beat grounded in the drums; and Taci Rooker takes off on flights of fancy on the keyboard. All in all, they gel well together. Karen's blue eyes sparkle as she hits the stage and reaches out to the audience with a friendly, winning smile. She slips into a song like Willie Nelson's “Crazy” and the floor is soon filled. 
(read the full article here)

Indo Caribbean World
Toronto, Canada

Jeff Tiller


Writing in regard to the band SWEET TROUBLE. We have worked with the band here at Omni for over 4 years. They have always done a very good job in many differnet venues throughout the region. The band is very dependable & professional-always on time. Their stage presentation is very strong along with very well done attire. Their playlist is also a very strong suit of the band, which can apply to a very diverse crowd. I recommend the band strongly on any venues where a quality act is required and comtemporary popular music is engaged. I am certain you will have very positive feedback.
I have also known & worked with Karen Laughlin, the bands lead vocalist/intrumentalist/leader for over 10 years. She has a very strong & positive character. She runs a very professional organization with SWEET TROUBLE, & she understands this business very well. Feel free to contact me anytime for any further information on SWEET TROUBLE. 4 Stars.......

Jeff Tiller
President/Omni Entertainment, LLC
Kansas City, MO.

Eddie Sandas

For the past three years I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Karen Laughlin and the Sweet Trouble Band. Karen is a strong leader and a total professional in every possible way. Her high standards, in all that she does, gives her an advantage that is well earned.
I certainly plan on working with Karen well into the future.

Eddie Sandas
Entertainment America Agency

Patrick Fink



I have been in the professional music industry for over 21 years. When I was employed at Harlow's Casino Resort as the Director of Entertainment I had a chance to work with the band Sweet Trouble on several dates. I will have to say they were one of my favorite bands to work with while I was employed at Harlow's Casino Resort. They were always very professional at their job as entertainers. Karen always called two weeks before the show to advance any changes in hospitality, productions, load in and sound check.
The band always could pick the right song at the right time to keep the guest entertained and they also did an excellent job at working with the crowd. Sweet Trouble band was always dressed nice even when they were just hanging out in the casino before and after work. I never had anyone say anything negative about the band the three years I was there. If you were to ask me would I hire the band again to do a show, yes I would. 

Patrick Fink
Memphis, TN
fmr Director of Entertainment, Harlow's Casino

Wanda L. Eastwood



One can expect nothing less than 100% honesty, loyalty and accountability from Karen Laughlin and Sweet Trouble Band. I, personally, have known Karen for over 30 years and would highly recommend her band to entertain your event.
"Quality-professional entertainment with Karen Laughlin and Sweet Trouble Band" is just one of many ways one might explain this band. You can also expect dedicated character that she and her band provide as they make your event a little `extra special` That extra special is found in Karen's leadership and is contagious to all those who are in her presence. Karen is not only one of the most talented musicians around but she has a passion - a love for people and a love for music. The crowd immediately falls in love with her joy, kindness and passion.
This is evident from the moment you meet Karen. From her website; to her choice of music; to the band's attire - there is a professionalism that can be expected in all areas; down to the finest details.
Come join Karen Laughlin and Sweet Trouble Band and you will leave energized and recharged! You will be encouraged and you will know you have spent a fabulous time in the presence of fabulous friends - Karen Laughlin and Sweet Trouble Band. You'll return time and time again to be in their presence.

Wanda L. Eastwood
Marketing Director

B. R. Wong, O.D.

I have known Karen for several years now. She is still as sweet, kind and generous as ever. She is the kind of leader that gets the most out of her band by being genuinely kind and thoughtful about her employees. They are basically her extended family. However, she's a great business woman and runs a tight efficient ship too. That quality is rare for anybody. And with out doubt, Karen never meets a stranger. She is always cognisant about her surroundings and the surrounding people and fans. There is always that warm smile and gracious greeting for all the individuals around her. Always she takes much time to mingle with the fans at her shows. Hence, everyone who meets her always remembers and never forgets her warm smiles and beautiful personality. She is definitely in the right kind of business too because she is so musically talented. Sweet Trouble Band can move, capture and excite a crowd as I've personally exsperienced also many times. If you want great professionalism,great talent, and a great show, Karen and Sweet Trouble Band will definitely deliver. I have a very successful eyecare practice that has been established over 25 years in Greenville, Mississippi. It took a lot of hard work, quality care and quality wormanship with a whole lot of TLC from me and my staff to build my practice. I know that Karen and Sweet Trouble Band has the same qualities too.

Family Eye Care
owner: B. R. Wong, O.D.

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